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MindBody Trauma - Tre� Provider and TIR� Facilitator
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*Tension and Trauma Release Exercises (Tre�) is a simple and easy range of exercises that almost anyone can do. The Tre� exercises evoke a Neurophysiological Tremor in the body while revisiting the story is not required and often doesn't occur during Tre�.

The exercises activate our Psoas muscle, which is connected to stored emotions of fear, doubt, depression and anxiety. The Psoas then becomes gently fatigued, and a response of shaking and quivering is induced. This in return releases the long held tension and trauma stored in the muscle.

When these tremors are evoked in a safe environment, relaxation, well-being and a sense of self can be restored as we connect back into our body and release our tension.

Tre� is safe and is often reported by the client as being soothing and calming.