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MindBody Trauma - Tre� Provider and TIR� Facilitator
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*Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR) is a person-centered Metapsychology technique that assists in releasing stress and trauma. TIR can bring the viewer relief from emotional pain and trauma of any type, duration, and in any time frame. The effects of TIR can increase productivity, effectiveness and personal growth as well as improve relationships.

While in session you, the client, becomes the Viewer. During viewing you inspect the aspects of your life with the purpose of finding clarity. The knowledge, realizations and insights come from you, from the inside, and not from another person's judgment or opinion given to you from outside of yourself. Only you are the expert on your experience.

The success of TIR is accomplished using a structured form of communication in a safe environment with strict rules that establish confidentiality between the viewer and the facilitator.

Your partner in achieving the desired emotional relief is known as the facilitator. The term Facilitator is used because you are being facilitated by an individual to reach your own conclusion. This person uses the process of viewing to help you achieve your own insights.

Teenagers and children are also welcome to do the process or TIR.