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MindBody Trauma - Tre� Provider and TIR� Facilitator
MindBody Trauma

*My name is Lara van den Berge

I am a certified Tre� Provider and TIR� Facilitator and the founder of MindBody Tension and Trauma Release.

I assist people of all ages and from all life paths to release stress and trauma that has become locked in their mind, body and nervous system by making use of the simple and effective techniques of Tre� and TIR� which, in short, teaches a reconnection into the physical and emotional body which brings the client back into the here and now, allowing the client to feel more present, more connected, calmer and thus improving their well-being.

A few years ago I embarked on my own Tre� journey, naively thinking I am going to learn a few (underrated by myself) basics and maybe make one or two small changes in my life. Initially I did Tre� for a physical injury, had substantial relief and thought that is was a wonderful therapy for my physical body. I decided to do the course to become a Tre� provider and little did I know that my entire life was going to change and that I was going to slowly, and with commitment to my complicated and difficult journey, going to reconnect with myself both physically and emotionally, and heal more aspects of myself than I ever anticipated.

Having had a difficult childhood (in all honesty, who doesn't?), I had mastered the 'art' of disconnection and dissociation, but I never realized the extent of it until I started doing Tre�

Of course I did not know the extent of my disconnect and dissociation, I was too disconnected and dissociated. I did however pay the price in my social life, personal life as well as in my career. The area where I experienced the biggest repercussions of my disconnect was in my relationship with my loved ones and of course above all, with myself. I was simply never present.

TIR is an amazing and effective tool that is used to be able to assess the viewer's trauma and bring perspective and clarity to their situation. It is so effective that for me personally, I had shifted mountains in my first session and I decided I need to share this technique with as many people as possible.

Tre� and TIR� changed my life. The exercises and techniques are so simple that almost anyone can do them. It is my mission to bring this to anyone in want and need to make changes in their level of stress and to reduce trauma, both physically and emotionally. Carrying anger, overwhelm and trauma on our shoulders every day makes life a little harder than it needs to be, and it needn't be.
"In a gentle way, we can shake the world" - Ghandi